One team with the experience to inspire your audience and showcase your brand online.



We aim to: get your products to your target audience as easy as possible. We will create an integrated e-commerce site that lets your customers buy directly from you for higher margins.


We aim to: pair the right platform with each client. From Shopify to Magento, Squarespace to WordPress we will create your perfect site. Endless plugins mean no limits.


We aim to: captivate the attention of potential customers. Websites need all the information customers require, but that information needs to inspire. The best way is with stunning visuals.


We aim to: fill seats, sell tickets and streamline processes with full backend integrations. You can grow your business without making life more difficult for your team.

Our web design and development team is ready to take your brand online. We have the skills, experience and passion for the website design process to achieve the results you expect from your new website. Our team is proficient in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, as well as SEO and UX best practices. No matter how big or small the website you need, we are here for you.

Our Web Design Services

SEO (search engine optimisation) is one of the most important things to consider for getting in front of your target audience. A good SEO audit of your current site means Google will rank your site above your competition. Whether new or not, our team will make sure you are ranking highly and beating out the competition.

If you spend time making a quality product, then your website should help you get it to as many potential customers as possible. Our team can make any sized e-commerce site, complete with social media links, and testimonial showcases to ensure every customer knows just how smart their purchase was.

As of 2018, mobile traffic surpassed desktop traffic for websites. That means that your business’ website needs to be mobile responsive. Our web development team optimises every website we build to be mobile-ready. It is included in every web design.

Your website needs to be user-friendly or else your customers will get lost and never give you a chance. Our designers and developers use the latest in UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) trends to ensure your website is the best it can be.

Depending on the budget for your website, our designers offer completely custom websites. A custom website gives you the ability to create a website perfect for your business in every way. Get a high-quality site unlike any other. If you are a small business, you can always opt for a pre-made theme to add cost savings.

Integrations are what make a website more than just some images on the internet. Our developers take all the steps to ensure your new website integrates with your CMS (content management system), inventory, reservations and online ordering systems. Each one helps your team work smarter.

Every website needs to be hosted somewhere. We offer web hosting for our clients. All new websites get a free year of hosting included in the cost of the new site, and for businesses that don’t get a new website, we offer competitive rates for hosting.

No matter if you want a refresh of your current site or a complete custom build, fmg | web’s team has the experience you are looking for. Below are some of our latest projects for international clients.

Take a look at some of our latest work

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If you are a registered non-profit or charity and would like help with a project, get in touch today and ask about the “Forager Gives Back” program.