One team to create virtual reality products for better interactive experiences.


Bring virtual guests in

We aim to: create virtual tour resources for guests to explore your location without having to leave home. Reach an audience that is far beyond your physical location.

Boost education programs

We aim to: create resources that help you boost your education programs through exciting scavenger hunts, virtual quizzes, and other materials that make kids more interested in learning.

Promote your destination

We aim to: create an engaged audience by allowing them to see your location in an exciting interactive way and let them experience what you have to offer. Show them why they need to book a visit.

Stand out from the pack

We aim to: create virtual experiences for visitors. An image on a screen is fine, but being able to interact with objects makes it a more personal experience for your audience.

Our 3D artists and development team is ready to take your VR/AR project to the next level. We have the 3D capture skills, rendering experience and passion for VR/AR to achieve the results you expect. Our team is proficient in Unity Technologies, 3DVista and the whole Adobe Suite. No matter how big or small the VR/AR project you have, we are here for you.

Our VR & AR Services

Whether you are showcasing a new real estate listing, your hotel, or a tourist destination, our team can help. Go beyond simple photos and create a 3D virtual experience to really impress your potential customers. Our team will come in and scan the area to render it in 3D, and you can add interactive elements.

Reach beyond the visitors that come to your physical location. Let our 3D artists create virtual tours that allow you to showcase your destination to anyone with a wifi signal. Increase revenue, expand educational programs, or just excite more visitors to dig a little deeper during their travel planning process.

Make learning exciting! Our developers will take your 3D rendering and create an interactive scavenger hunt for virtual participants to explore and search out special items according to your specifications. Point systems can be incorporated and brings out the competitive side of visitors to keep them learning.

Train new employees and students in an engaging interactive way with virtual training resources. Use markers within 3D renders to go through processes step-by-step. With video animation, you can also insert virtual instructors throughout to introduce topics as learners progress through each resource.

No matter if you want to capture a simple 3D vista or create a fully interactive and customised virtual experience, fmg | virtual’s 3D artists and developers have the experience you are looking for. Below are some of our latest projects for our international clients.

Take a look at some of our latest work

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If you are a registered non-profit or charity and would like help with a project, get in touch today and ask about the “Forager Gives Back” program.