One team with the experience to turn your best seller into reality, whether print or digital.



We aim to: perfect your hard work. Our editors have the eagle-eyed editing skills needed to make sure every word and every bit of punctuation is in the right place, so you can rest easy.


We aim to: take your idea and make it a reality. You have the idea for a great book but don’t know where to start, or don’t have time? Let our ghostwriters do the work for you.

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We aim to: take your next best seller and put those words into a expertly designed e-book or print publication. Our team will take your literary dream and turn it into a work of art.


We aim to: impress. Taking your organisation’s magazine idea and creating a visually stunning publication that inspires your audience to take part in your mission.

Forager Media’s digital publishing team is ready to take your idea for a digital book or magazine and make it a reality. We have the graphic design skills, copywriting and copyediting experience to help you with this project. Our team is proficient in Adobe Suite, e-publishing and all manner of digital publishing solutions. No matter how big or small the publication you are looking to put out there, we are here for you.

Our Digital Publishing Services

Not everyone that has a great idea for a book has the skill turn turn a phrase and make that book a success. Let Forager’s ghostwriters take care of the leg work for you and turn your idea into a fully formed interactive digital publication. We will establish the voice you want your book in and make sure that you get all the credit.

It always benefits to have a second pair of eyes, and the same goes for your digital content. Forager’s copyeditors are the eagle-eyed experts that will ensure your publication is ready for Amazon’s Kindle e-reader platform, or whatever digital publishing platform you choose to showcase your work.

If you are planning to publish, or already have, an online magazine, our team can help put it all together. We have writers, editors and designers ready to bring together your content into a clean and professional digital publication. Our magazines have been published as PDFs to be downloaded from a webpage, likewise we have experience with platforms such as Joomag and Issuu.

A great way to accent your content marketing strategy is with give aways like e-books. Having a small book in a digital format that you can offer to potential customers through social media allows you to gather contact information that can be used to drive sales of your products. Forager’s team can help you put together a small publication that you can use to bring in new customers.

No matter the type of digital media you need help publishing, Forager’s digital publishers have the experience that you are looking for. Below are some of our latest projects for clients in Canada, Europe and the United States.

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If you are a registered non-profit or charity and would like help with a project, get in touch today and ask about the “Forager Gives Back” program.