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February 2019—April 2019


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West Coast Wild Foods: A case study in wild food graphic design

West Coast Wild Foods is a leading wild food brand based in Burnaby, Canada. Around since 2009, it began as a mushroom supplier for the restaurant industry. Now it is an e-commerce platform that sells a whole range of wild food products from across the region. As the name suggests, their products are wild and command a premium price to go with the effort needed to find each unique ingredient, and their customers know that.

Before Forager…

The sales team had been making good progress building up a new sales network for B2B clients, but the presentation was simple and more technical than visually inspiring. The information was there with the price lists, but there needed to be a bit more push towards inspiring a sale outside of spreadsheet tables. It was the same for their packaging, it was in need of a refresh to make it feel new and in-season just like the products themselves. New national and international retailers were being approached and the packaging needed to set the brand apart from the competition. In came Forager.

The approach

Forager had three specific goals for this project. The first was needing the new packaging to be on brand, according to the West Coast Wild Foods style, voice, and vision. The second goal we wanted was to differentiate them from their competitors, and third, we needed the B2B materials to increase sales. With all this in mind, we started by taking the brand style and crafting a mood board to gather inspiration for the packaging designs and catalogue look to make sure everything was made according to West Coast Wild Foods brand. Then we did a competitor analysis to understand the strengths and weaknesses of their competition and used that to differentiate the new packaging and give them an advantage in the market.

The next thing was turning boring catalogue data into a visually appealing book to keep the audience engaged while discovering and learning about our clients’ products and in the end making a phased plan to build up the brand image across multiple shows, increasing awareness and building an initial connection between potential clients and retail distributors. The point was to broaden their market by showcasing the quality of their products across every customer touchpoint.

The results

The new packaging design has been introduced and distributed, and it’s already helping to get new clients. The new catalogue is being used for new major retail clients, taken on by Costco USA, Choices Market, and other major food distributors across North America. Two trade shows have been attended so far getting new clients to contact West Coast Wild Foods directly from the shows. Now the new packaging designs are on display across the USA and Canada. Inspiring new customers to try out these premium products.

The packaging that Forager designed for us helped us get picked up by Costco USA, and the trade show materials have helped us get new distribution deals across North America.
Niall Sherwin, Marketing Manager at West Coast Wild Foods
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