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September 2018—April 2019


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Upfull Foods: A case study in food digital marketing

Upfull is an award-winning London granola producer founded by Terence Lapidus. It is found in all Planet Organic stores, Virgin Active gyms and 80+ independent retailers across the UK. Upfull emphasises positive impacts through food and philanthropy. This comes by purchasing through local suppliers and supporting the Rural Internet Connectivity project in East Africa. Upfull is Jamaican slang for positive vibes, and that is exactly what this food business is doing through the production of its premium food products and community outreach.

Before Forager…

Terence had been working as the main employee for over a year and was making good progress getting the brand out into the food industry. He was making contacts with foodie bloggers and was working on new products. But he didn’t have enough time to tackle everything required of a new business. His marketing efforts had led to Upfull receiving awards for the brand, but it wasn’t translating into the sales he had hoped. His dream was always to have direct contact with customers, and though retail sales were going well, there was no direct-to-customer link. He wanted to build that direct relationship with the people actually eating his granolas. Content marketing that aimed at fostering a personal touch would bring in more audience engagement and would help Terence achieve his goals, but he didn’t know where to start. In came Forager.

The approach

Our task was to take the new Make Ya Mix blends and market them to the vegan, healthy-eating consumer market across the UK and gauge what the response would be. With a main focus to build suspense for the product launch, Forager planned a combination of digital marketing campaigns across all social channels, influencer marketing partnerships and a crowdfunder campaign. All of these activities were meant to work together and bring in new customers through an innovative granola subscription program.

Crowdfunding was chosen as a way to build suspense for the product launch, as well as raise some necessary funds to help with the launch. Terence had already built a list of influencers from his previous digital marketing work, and Forager used that to develop a digital marketing strategy complete with schedules for influencer posts and in-house social media posts that took advantage of our custom hashtags made specifically for the campaign. Giveaways were also offered to anyone that supported the crowdfunder campaign.

The results

The goal of the campaign was to raise £5,500 over the course of a month. With the main focus on selling pre-order subscriptions as Christmas presents, Upfull decided to go with the platform Kickstarter, an all-or-nothing crowdfunding platform that is well-known for its campaign support. Many food marketing campaigns have taken advantage of this platform.

As the campaign ran its course, it was clear that a subscription model for granola wasn’t what the UK breakfast market was looking for. In response, Upfull and Forager worked out a new plan to promote the current product range through the new e-commerce site, building a blog calendar to help draw in the target audience. Forager’s strong SEO (search engine optimisation) skills were utilised to help Upfull rank higher on Google and build its authority in the healthy breakfast market. Upfull started receiving the direct B2C sales it hoped for and even increased its sales volume to its retail customers.

Every time I had a question or needed something changed on the new site, the Forager team was quick in making the changes. I love the new site and so do my customers!
Terence Lapidus, Founder & Chief Granola Officer at Upfull Foods
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