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May 2017—August 2018


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LUXURY SERVICED APARTMENTS: A case study in website copywriting

Luxury Serviced Apartments is a digital platform aimed at helping high-end travellers find their ideal home during business trips to London. The brand partners with London hotels and property owners to showcase only the best. Its customers look for nothing less than perfection and that is what Luxury Serviced Apartments had to do with every word on their site. Only the best will do for travellers that are spending up to £50,000 per visit.

Before Forager…

The website was built and the framework for the website content was in place. All of the background development was finished, but all the compelling copy that a customer needed to make their decision hadn’t been worked on yet. There were no words on the website, no visuals and no written descriptions of any properties. The site could take sales, but there was nothing to sell. Owner of Luxury Serviced Apartments, Matt Sherlock, knew he needed great copy on every page, but wasn’t sure his writing skills were going to do these particular apartments justice. In came Forager’s copywriters.

The approach

Since each page was brand new, there was a figurative blank slate to work with. A style guide and brand voice was needed to ensure that no matter who added to the platform in the future, it would remain consistent. Spelling, grammatical structure and numbering systems were all going to be outlined for any website copywriting in the future.

Like product descriptions on other types of e-commerce sites, Forager’s copywriters created an initial batch of listings that were meant to test out the new style guide and catch the reader’s attention. This meant Forager could tweak the format and layout of each property listing to finalise how each would be written in the future. Bullet points were used for highlighting the amenities and short descriptions were there to inspire potential customers. After a few different iterations, the structure was set and the rest of the listings could be created. In contact with property owners, the Forager copywriters identified the key selling features that would appeal to the client’s target audience. Forager’s know how with SEO copywriting meant that when we were given the keywords the client wanted each listing to include, Forager could integrate them into the listings with ease. Potential customers could find the listings better because each was optimised for better search engine ranking.

The results

Over the course of a year, a complete set of listings were written and added to the site. In the end, Forager worked with 15+ hotel brands and crafted 80+ listings. Now, the web copy for each listing ensures each potential customer not only knows about the location, characteristics and services that come with each apartment, but they also get a detailed description of the property designed to appeal directly to their wants and needs. Forager’s copywriting services helped Luxury Serviced Apartments rank better on Google, and helped increase sales revenue through their new website. Increased conversions and increased customer satisfaction.

Forager wrote the copy for Luxury Serviced Apartments. Working with the Forager team was straightforward and the output of work was consistent and creative. I would definitely recommend.
Matt Sherlock, Owner at Luxury Serviced Apartments
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