One team with the experience to boost your brand and get it in front of your target market.



We aim to: make your brand more social by finding the best content for each social network. We create unique content and keep your audience engaged to grow brand awareness.


We aim to: utilise the latest methods to attract new customers through paid social and Google ad campaigns. Your brand is the best at what you do, people just need to know it.


We aim to: analyse your competition and find the best way to put your brand in 1st place. We create a step-by-step guide to get your team engaging your audience and keep your brand growing.


We aim to: monitor your digital marketing activities to ensure you are making the most out of your efforts. Our reports keep you in line with KPIs and making your brand a success.

Our digital marketing team is ready to take your brand to the next level by adapting your digital marketing tactics to best reach your customers. We have the digital media skills, marketing experience, and creative know-how to achieve the results you expect from your next digital marketing project. Our team is proficient in Google Adwords, social advertising and digital content creation. No matter how big or small the marketing campaign you are needing help with, we are here to grow your bottom line.

Our Digital Marketing Services

The best way to keep an audience coming back time and time again is to have recurring content to keep them interested. Our team will make the most of your marketing by incorporating blogs, videos and infographics that can easily be shared across marketing channels. We optimise all of our content for smartphones and other devices.

Social media is the undisputed champion of maintaining contact with your target audience, but having consistent high-quality content is important. Our social media marketing focuses on telling a great story and taking part in the conversation. Whether you need a complete takeover or just some advice, we are here to help.

Set up a newsletter on your website and start collecting your potential customers’ emails. Customer retention is the key to a successful brand and most of our digital marketing campaigns involve building a strong customer contact database to promote new products and special offers.

Paid advertising can take many forms. We are ready to make the most of social and search engine marketing to ensure you see the results you need to grow your business. No matter your budget there are ways to maximise paid advertising in order to grow your brand and get more customers.

All business owners need a plan for online marketing, otherwise they are just working blind. Our marketing team will craft a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that takes into account all aspects of your marketing efforts. From traditional marketing like direct mail campaigns to SEO (search engine optimisation) best practices for web content, we have you covered.

No matter if you need a full takeover or help for an in-house marketing department, fmg | digital’s marketers have the experience you require. Below are some of our latest projects for our international clients.

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If you are a registered non-profit or charity and would like help with a project, get in touch today and ask about the “Forager Gives Back” program.