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Upfull Foods


September 2018—November 2018


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Upfull Foods: A case study in food website design

Upfull is an award-winning London granola producer founded by Terence Lapidus. It is found in all Planet Organic stores, Virgin Active gyms and 80+ independent retailers across the UK. Upfull emphasises positive impacts through food and philanthropy. This comes by purchasing good food through local suppliers and supporting the Rural Internet Connectivity project in East Africa. Upfull is Jamaican slang for positive vibes, and that is exactly what this food business is doing through the production of its premium food products and community outreach.

Before Forager…

Upfull’s website was a simple landing page that was put together when the company was brand new. It was meant as a placeholder to give a bit of information about the granolas and that was it. With some contact information and product descriptions, there wasn’t a lot to engage with potential customers and get them to excited about Upfull’s products. Terence wanted to be able to sell his granola through the website, and he wanted to be able to showcase his new granola subscription model. The current website, however, couldn’t handle e-commerce, so he needed to make some changes. In came Forager.

The approach

The first thing Forager’s web designers did was to work with Terence to come up with a custom style for Upfull to incorporate into its new web design. Design inspiration was taken from the meaning of Upfull’s own name. A colourful and uplifting colour scheme was created and a typography that matched that feeling was chosen. The idea was to have this set before the website was built, so that Upfull could start using it on its social media and other marketing materials right away. No matter where potential customers were looking, anything a potential customer was scrolling past would be instantly recognisable.

The next step was to take that style and translate it into a high-quality e-commerce site that took best practices for food industry sites into account. Upfull was a small business, so budgets were tight. Forager decided to build the site with a base wordpress theme. This gave Forager a base design to work with and lessened the time our designers and developers needed to build the site. Less work and cost savings worked for both sides. Forager found integrations that would help Upfull’s small team fulfill orders, track inventory and upsell products for higher revenues. By doing this Upfull could grow without an equal increase in labour needed to work the business.

The results

Terence wanted to build a relationship with his customers. He didn’t want to be a faceless brand selling through retailers. To achieve this, Forager integrated a blog platform that helped Terence publish new content to keep up a conversation with his customers, as well as connecting this with his social media accounts. His homepage now prominently features his products and promotes the subscription service. Online ordering is possible, and customers can buy direct from Upfull. This increased profitability by 30% and created the direct link between Upfull and its customers that Terence sought.

Forager was really responsive to my questions and comments on the marketing strategy and I am so excited how it all turned out. The product launch changed but they were very adaptive to new plans!
Terence Lapidus, Founder & Chief Granola Officer at Upfull Foods
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