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April 2019—June 2019


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El Inca Plebeyo: A case study in restaurant web design

El Inca Plebeyo is a small family-run Ecuadorian restaurant in the heart of London’s Islington neighbourhood. It is the perfect blend of Ecuadorian cuisine and European cooking techniques, and is recognised as one of the Top 100 restaurants in London by TripAdvisor. Restaurant owners, Jorge and Maria Pacheco, have been serving up South American delicacies since 2015.

Before Forager…

The previous website design wasn’t fulfilling its goal of attracting new visitors, helping the restaurant to get discovered, and of course, it wasn’t bringing in enough customers. Chef Jorge and his family were too busy serving delicious meals and providing an amazing experience every night at the restaurant to then take on the task of redesigning the restaurant’s website and try to understand SEO, HTML or CSS. Their website needed work on all aspects to attract customers that were scrolling through search results for local Latin restaurants. They were expecting more reservations and private venue bookings, but something was working right. They had a limited budget and no time to attempt to be web designers on their own. In came Forager.

The approach

Forager started by analysing their current site and building a new responsive design for their restaurant based on El Inca Plebeyo’s unique mixture of Ecuadorian culinary culture and European techniques. Forager’s graphic design team started by crafting a brand identity, creating a mood board that helped them find a custom colour palette and typography. This was something that hadn’t happened before, so it was a fresh start for the team. We saw that the restaurant was filled with richly coloured textiles and objects collected across Ecuador. This wasn’t translating to their homepage. Our team needed to find mouth-watering photos, happy customer testimonials and all the information on Chef Jorge’s backstory to share with potential customers.

Once branding aspects were thoroughly planned and conceptualised, we started planning the web design and user experience, making sure that everything was well structured and user friendly to increase conversions and make it easier for the owners to manage. In order the make the best restaurant website we could, we needed to place an emphasis on special events and the option to hire the restaurant for private functions. These two focuses would lead to the most growth for the business. We discussed the best options to make this process as simple for potential customers and effective for the business as possible.

the results

El Inca Plebeyo’s new website receives hundreds of new visitors every month, many of them find the website after a quick google search, while others find it directly. Their potential customers know where they have to go to make a reservation or check the menu before they visit the restaurant. Forager’s design showcased popular menu items on a slideshow on their menu page to ensure each visitor new how delicious these items were. With a business like this, it is important to have as many visuals to inspire customers as possible. And since we had optimised it for mobile devices, there was no chance a potential customer would miss out the opportunity.

The restaurant’s website is completely on brand, harmonising with their new style concept, and it links to the businesses social media accounts to help with their digital marketing strategy. The new site leaves a lasting impression and perfectly captures the restaurant’s vibe. Making reservations and hiring for private functions is straightforward and effective, increasing their conversions exponentially. Since, the site was made using WordPress, the in-house team can easily make changes as needed.

Our competitors were updating their websites, so we knew we had to update ours to keep up. The Forager team worked closely with us to make a website that kept the essence of our restaurant.
Jorge Pacheco, Owner & Head Chef at El Inca Plebeyo
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