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We Are In The Great White North!

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Vancouver, Canada

Welcome to Vancouver! Home to over a dozen engaging and diverse neighbourhoods, more restaurants than you can fit on your plate and boasting a vibrant and outdoorsy community, Canada’s west coast gem has something for everyone. Vancouver is home to a huge variety of inventive local businesses and neighbourhood institutions and we’re so excited to call the city our current HQ.

Lynn Canyon Vancouver Canada

The Capilano Suspension Bridge in North Vancouver

Vancouver: The wild

It’s no secret that Vancouverites love wilderness and nature. MEC, a name synonymous with the outdoors in Canada first launched in Vancouver in the 1970s. The Vancouver location boasts a panoply of events to bring the community together and celebrate the best of what nature has to offer. Tourism sites are also quick to recommend a range of hiking trips in and around the Vancouver area, both solo and guided. Tour businesses should be able to rely on local visuals, from cityscapes to mountain ranges, to build their customer base and show off the quality of the experiences they provide. Needless to say, if you’re heading out here, pack your running shoes, because there is no shortage of businesses whose motivation is to get you moving.

Vancouver’s love for the wild side of life extends beyond leisure activities. Just beyond the city is one of the bases for local foraged food company West Coast Wild Foods. With two headquarters — one in Burnaby, BC and one in Portland, OR — West Coast Wild Foods specialises in all things delicious and freshly foraged in nature. They supply customers with high-quality products such as freshly-dried local mushrooms and tasty jams made from local berries. With a huge focus on local, seasonal harvesting, West Coast Wild Foods is forging a trail for the wild food scene.

Pan Pacific Vancouver Canada

Fine dining at the Pan Pacific Hotel

Vancouver: The trendy

In addition to its trailblazing nature-centric businesses, Vancouver is home to a trendy restaurant scene and is a haven for hip cafes. And with the city’s collective focus on healthy, sustainable dining habits, it’s easy to find an eatery or coffee shop that will cater to your own food ethics code.

For a chic, inventive take on fine dining, try Forage. As the name suggests, this Robson St. spot specializes in bringing local produce and wild finds to diners. Chef Welbert Choi selects his ingredients with great care, and works to ensure that his restaurant has built lasting ties with local fishers, farmers and, of course, foragers.

If you’re after a vegan eatery, Lotus Seed is the place to be. Located in the Granville St area, Lotus Seed specializes in vegan takes on multicultural classics, such as pho, ragu and even a vegan eggs benedict for brunch!

And if you really just want to snuggle up somewhere with a coffee, Vancouver has also got you covered. Home to dozens of trendy cafes, there’s no shortage of Instagrammable lattes and conversation nooks. For a taste of what the world of coffee has to offer without leaving Gastown, try Nemesis Coffee. The multi-roaster cafe serves up some of the best roasters in the world on rotation, and they also stock an impressive number of teas and even make their own apple cider. We love stops like Nemesis because they provide the best opportunity to get out of the house and get some work done. Finding a place that feels like a mix of home with a fresh view can make all the difference when living the digital nomad lifestyle.

Pride Parade Vancouver Canada

Pride Celebrations in downtown Vancouver

Vancouver: The diverse

Another thing we love about Vancouver is the range and scope of its diversity as a city. Back in July we enjoyed our time at the Surrey Fusion Festival, a local celebration of art, culture, and of course food in the Vancouver area. Restaurants throughout the city highlight a multitude of national and cultural backgrounds, and the range is sure to whet your appetite and your creativity.

The city is also full of activities and events by and for the city’s LGBTQ+ community. From serious conferences to late-night dance parties, Vancouver’s LGBTQ+ scene is inviting and varied in its offerings. Welcoming the beginning of October is a queer Indigenous dance party, and November brings the annual LGBTQ+ wedding show back to Vancouver. Marketing events specifically to certain communities is a great way to draw new audiences and ensure that your customers and clients feel welcomed and appreciated for who they are.

Feeling welcomed no matter what is such an important part of making the remote work and digital nomad lifestyle work, and we can’t wait to get to working (and playing) in our new short-term home.

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